Surrounding area

Just few kilometers from Cascina Gilli in any direction one can find places of significant historical and environmental interest. We are located, for instance, right on the Percorso del Romanico (Romanesque Road), one of whose most striking expressions is the 13th-century Abbazia di Vezzolano. One of the most historically-important churches in Piedmont, it exhibits the evolution of the Romanesque style into the Gothic. Passing through the gorgeous cloister, one enters the Chapter Room, which houses the striking Permanent Display of the Romanesque Style.
Many country churches dot the landscape, evidence of a wealth of human settlements over the centuries. Many of these chapels are part and parcel of the agricultural scene and actually rise up out of the very vineyards. The church of Santa Maria di Cornareto is one of these, located on the hill of Cornareto.
But Cascina Gilli itself is a historical spot, since the grandfather of the area’s native saint, San Giovanni Bosco, lived and worked here for years, right in the vineyards, between 1700 and 1800.